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Al Shabab protest against referee mistakes

Al Shabab’s board of directors issued an official statement to express their disapproval and objection against the referee mistakes during the team’s games in the Saudi Professional League. 

Al Shabab’s board also stated that they are looking forward to assign their games to foreign referees,  due to the fatal mistakes of the national referees. 

Al Shabab also pointed that the Saudi Referees Committee did not take any actions against the referees who committed several unquestionable mistakes, which forced the team to lose many points in the league. 

Al Shabab added that these unquestionable mistakes affect on the results of the matches,  despite the presence of the VAR. 

Al Shabab stated that these mistakes also affect on the equality,  which is supposed to be implemented among all the clubs in the competition. 

Lastly, Al Shabab concluded that the club’s board of directors have full confidence that their players will overcome all these obstacles. 

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