Al-Qadisiyah coach: I have concerns about facing Al-Hilal

Xenia Sport – Saudi Arabia

Tunisian Youssef Al-Mannai, coach of the Saudi team Al-Qadisiyah, expressed his fear of facing Al-Hilal, on Monday, in the ninth round of the Saudi League.

Al-Mannai said in a press interview, Sunday, “It is rare for the defending champion to falter 3 games in a row, and we will definitely find Al-Hilal in a different way.”

He continued: “The players are motivated to play against a high-level opponent such as Al-Hilal, and of course it is a special match, and we try to deal with the match as if it does not go beyond a league match.”

“The pressure of the matches will affect all teams, and it is difficult to play every four days, as everyone will be affected technically, physically and mentally, and we will lose the desire to play matches, and our obsession is to equip the players for all matches in a victorious spirit,” added the Saudi coach of Al-Qadisiyah.

He added, “We do not have substitutes at the same level as the rest of the teams due to the young age of al- Qadisiyah players. We do not have great options. We try to play with the available capabilities and cultivate confidence in the players, and we will play with distinguished players who play with a high victorious spirit and this is what distinguishes us.”

Al-Mannai concluded: “Our preparations for facing Al-Hilal are like our preparation for any other match. We did not have enough time to prepare as required, and we studied the opponent well through video technology.”

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