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Al-Nassr survives loss in front of Al-Ittifaq

Xenia Sports – Jeddah

Al-Nasr team succeeded in achieving a draw against Al-Ettifaq team at the last minute of the meeting between the two teams at King Fahd International Stadium in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Al-Nassr escaped from the loss in the match, which witnessed great excitement, as the match reached the 100th minute after the referee counted 10 minutes as extra time.

Al-Ittifaq progressed with two goals before victory achieved a draw, in the last minute of the match after the referee awarded a penalty kick to Al-Nassr team after checking VAR.

Al-Ittifaq defender Filip Kish opened the scoring for Al-Ittifaq team in extra time for the first half, and Tunisian player Naim Al-Sulaiti added the second goal in the 50th minute.

Al-Nassr reduced the score in the 89th minute through Sami Al-Najai, while the equalizer came in the last minute after the referee awarded a penalty kick to Al-Nasr in the 100th minute.

The end of the match witnessed a major objection by the members of Al-Ittifaq team due to the failure of the referee to finish the meeting in the time estimated by the match referee, which contributed to award Al-Nassr team a penalty kick.

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