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Al Nassr coach – ready for the Super Challenge in front of Al Hilal

The coach of the Saudi Al-Nassr team indicated that his team was ready to face Al-Hilal in the Saudi Super Cup, which will be held next Saturday.

“The match is very important, and we have prepared well for the meeting, through the past matches in the league, and this match is important for the team,” said Croatian coach Aline Horvat, today, Thursday, at the press conference on the Saudi Super Cup.

Horvat added, “I am well aware that I am coaching a great team and Al-Jemain always believes that we will achieve victory in all meetings, and I strive in the face of the Super to achieve victory and to continue the series of victories that I achieve with the team and achieve the title, we are ready for any challenge, and happy with the victories in Past meetings, which restored confidence to the public and restored the unity of the team, and the big matches always give the players a different incentive, and we all in Al-Nassr Club, workers, and players, must be responsible in the expected match.

He added, “I am well aware that I coach a big team, so everyone expects that we will always win, and this is what I want. The players and I are one team. We support each other and I hope that the winning board will be completed and we can achieve the cup.”

And the Croatian coach concluded: “The team is always considered a winner when the team appears well, regardless of the result, and I always emphasize to the players that the victory fans deserve to give their best.”

For his part, the captain of Al-Nassr team, Abdullah Mado, acknowledged the importance of the meeting at the press conference for the meeting. Mado said: “We realize the nature of the stage we are going through in the team, and the importance of achieving a title at this stage, so we aspire to achieve the title, and we prepared well for this meeting. We hope to achieve the title. “

And he added, “Al-Nassr fans deserve to do our best to achieve the title.”

He continued, “The team’s performance has changed with the current coach of the team (Aline Horvat), and as players, we are happy to train with him, and we hope to achieve the cup with him.”

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