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Al-Nassr coach is the best coach in January in the Saudi League, and Al-Hamdan, Cassio and Tawamba claim stardom

Al-Nassr coach Alan Horvat, the coach of  Al-Nassr team, defeated the coaches’ advantage for the month of January during the rounds (11-12-13-14-15) of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League, while Abdullah Al-Hamdan, Al-Shabab, and Cameroonian club striker Leander Tawamba, a player from Al-Taawon club, and his Brazilian teammate Casio Angus The other three preference awards.

The technical team of the Saudi Professional League announced that the Croatian coach Alan Horvart, the coach of Al-Nassr team, had achieved the best coach award for January, while Abdullah Al-Hamdan, the player of Al-Shabab club, won the award for the best promising player, while the Cameroonian Leander Tawamba and the Brazilian Casio Angus, Al-Taawon club player, won the two preference awards At the level of attack and guard, respectively.

While the technical team of the award postponed the 16 round matches to be added to the February award, because the round matches will not be completed in January with Al Ain and Al Hilal matches remaining, as well as Al Fateh and Al Nasr, which will be played on the ninth of next February.

In mid-October, the League announced the continuation of its monthly awards for the best coach, player, and goalkeeper for the third consecutive season in the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Professional Cup League competition, with the addition of a fourth prize for the best promising player, provided that the technical team, which includes: Khaled Al-Qarouni, will be added. Turki Al-Sultan, Sultan Al-Lihiyani, Khaled Al-Shanif, and Youssef Al-Ghadeer choose the award winners, according to a number of technical and statistical criteria

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