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Al-Duhail coach: Al-Ahly will not deceive us … and the match will be very difficult

French coach Sabri Lamouchi, the coach of the Qatari team, Al-Duhail, spoke about facing Al-Ahly on Thursday, at the opening of the FIFA Club World Cup, which Doha will host from Thursday to February 11th.

Lamushi said: “We must stay on fire and not go far. We are not Bayern Munich, Al-Ahly of Egypt, or Mexican Tigres. These teams were crowned with continental titles before coming to Doha, and we must be realistic.”

He added, “We are just a team that won the local championship in Qatar only, and we still aspire to be among the best in Asia in the coming years.”

On confronting Al-Ahly, Lamushi said: “The confrontation is definitely difficult, and we know who we will face. Al-Ahly is a strong team that includes distinguished talents and has great experiences with a veteran coach who has previous experiences.”

He explained: “Al-Duhail has good players, but the names are not enough. We must play as a team and show full respect for the opponent, and do our best in order to be real competitors for the green rectangle.”

Sabri Lamouchi continued his statements about the upcoming confrontation, saying: “Al-Ahly is not only the champion of Egypt, but also won the African Champions League, and it is not easy to play and win in the African continent, so the title of the continental championship means that you have overcome many difficulties, and I know very well how difficult it is. For any club. “

he added: “I do not know how likely we are to win that match, but the truth is that their chances of winning are more than our chances, but football always bears surprises. It recognizes one fact, which is the effort and race on the green rectangle throughout the 90 minutes.”

He concluded: “The mission of Al-Duhail in front of Al-Ahly is that we will make the task of the competitor to cross the next round difficult, and more difficult than Al-Ahly and its players imagine, which I was keen to follow well, and his stumbling in some league matches will not be a measure for us, and he cannot deceive us, they know that reaching the World Cup was It is very arduous, and therefore Al-Ahly will not give up on leaving a good footprint in Doha, and it will be ready with all strength to confront us. “

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