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Al-Baltan reveals the truth about the renewal of the Hamdan contract

 Khaled Al-Baltan, president of the Saudi
Al-Shabab club revealed the fact that the Saudi striker and Al-Shabab club
Abdullah Al-Hamdan were negotiating to renew his contract, before entering the
free period of his professional contract during the next few days

Al-Baltan said, in an interview with him, on
Saturday: “I cannot force the player to sign with the team. The player is
the one who makes the first and last decision, as we are the decision-makers in
the club

And he continued: “We gave the player more
than what he deserves financially, and the team has so far fought in the league
13 matches and has scored only one goal, and you get 3 cards, and the number of
cards you get is more than the number of goals it scored.”

He concluded: “Khaled Al-Baltan: We presented Abdullah Al-Hamdan an offer estimated at 5 million riyals annually, but he demanded to obtain 10 million through his father and his agent.”

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