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Al Ahly Appeal Against the Decisions of EFA’s Disciplinary and Ethics Committee

Al Ahly decided to appeal against the decisions of the Egyptian Football Association’s, EFA,  Disciplinary and Ethics Committee which they took in the aftermath of the Cairo Youth Derby. 

Following the game, which was held at Al Ahly’s ground on Sunday, Zamalek’s youth players insulted Al Ahly Sporting Club, its board members, the club’s former president, and Al Ahly fans. 

Al Ahly’s board of directors took that decision as they believe that the committee’s penalties were not really proportional to the actions of Zamalek’s youth players.

Moreover, the board believes that such penalties will not prevent those players from repeating such unacceptable behavior against Al Ahly, the club leaders, and fans; as they are used to doing these intolerable actions, and they were not deterred by the previous penalties. 

In addition to that, Al Ahly’s board mentioned in the appeal, which was sent to the EFA, that the club firmly rejects the EFA’s statement which suspended the penalties after Zamalek’s appeal as it contradicts article no. (16) of the disciplinary regulations, which states that the penalties must be implemented by the date of their announcement. 

Additionally, Al Ahly’s board was shocked by the fact that the EFA announced the penalties against Zamalek SC’s youth players, accepting Zamalek’s appeal and suspending the penalties all in one press release!

The EFA instead had to inform both parties, Al Ahly and Zamalek, of their right to appeal following the announcement of the decision, and that submitting an appeal won’t suspend the decision.

 Al Ahly previously filed official complaints to the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) and the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee against Zamalek’s youth player, Imam Ashour, and several players from Zamalek’s youth team after their unacceptable behavior following the Cairo derby in the Youth League on Sunday at Al Ahly ground in Nasr City.

Moreover, the club attached five clips of the aforementioned players on Monday morning, which portrayed them while insulting Al Ahly Sporting Club, its board members, the club’s former president, and Al Ahly fans.

The complaints highlighted that the insults and abuses of Ashour and his teammates violate the rules and regulations of the EFA and FIFA and could trigger troubles between fans. 

The complaints also mentioned that there was no reason for what Ashour and his teammates committed, especially that the game that was held at Al Ahly’s ground and did not witness any controversial events.

Ashour previously assaulted Walid Soliman, Al Ahly’s player, during the 2020 Egyptian Super Cup final in the UAE while Soliman was down on the pitch.

The Disciplinary and Ethics Committee suspended the player for 10 games earlier last year when many believed that his actions required a bigger penalty.

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