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After the world bronze … Musimani asks Al-Khatib for a Super striker

Al Ahly South African coach
Pitso Musimani asked the club administration headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib to
sign a “super” foreign striker next summer, assuring them that he is
not convinced with the performance of more than one striker and that he needed a player within the front line who had different level of quality.

 Musimani expressed his fierce
anger at the poor level of Al-Ahly strikers Marwan Mohsen and Walter
Bwalya for their disappointing performances during the FIFA Club World Cup in
which Al-Ahly finished third.

Despite Al-Ahly winning bronze in the Club World Cup, the team only scored only one goal which came from Hussein Al-Shahat scoring from outside the penalty area in the match against Qatari Al-Duhail. However the team were unable to score in their next two games against Bayern Munich and Brazilian side Palmeiras. 

Sources inside Al-Ahly reported
that Mahmoud Al-Khatib confirmed to Musimani the approval of his request to add
a super striker and the coach was assigned the task of choosing the name he
would like to join the team ranks during the next summer Mercato 2021.

Sources also stated that
Musimani deals with marketing agency companies in
he used to deal with during his time with South
African Sun Downs and therefore he is able to bring either a Brazilian, Argentine
or Latin striker with special qualities to support the front line of Al-Ahly in
the upcoming season.

 On the other hand, Al-Ahly
club agreed to bring the latest medical equipment, based on a request from the
club’s chief medical officer, Ahmed Mahmoud Abu Abla who submitted an official
memorandum requesting some equipment to treat and rehabilitate the players.

 Al-Ahly administration had
purchased a number of the required medical equipment before the FIFA Club World
Cup kicks off and they were used during the championship that was held in the
Qatari capital,

is expected that during the next few weeks the purchases of the remaining
medical equipment and supplies required by the medical staff in order to meet
the medical needs of treating players will be complete. 

a different context, Amir Tawfiq contract marketing Director at Al-Ahly denied receiving official offers from the German side Borussia
Dortmund wanting to sign Mohamed Hani
after the Club World Cup, stressing that this is only fake news being circulated and
the club has not received any correspondence in this regard.

said that European clubs are in no position to evaluate a player from one or two games and
this is our perspective as well, the player must be evaluated over a long
period of time and analyse his performances over the course of an entire season and that it
is not logical for someone to make a an offer at the time knowing that the next
transfer market will be in 7 months.

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