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Saint-Etienne prepares a new offer to sign Zamalek striker … and Ferjani decides his future in Tunisia

French club Saint-Etienne is preparing a new offer to obtain the services of Mostafa Mohamed, the striker of  Zamalek team, during the current winter transfer period, after he made an official offer during the last period, which reached 4.5 million euros, but was rejected by officials of the White Club.

Zamalek wants to get 5 million euros, in addition to 10% of its resale in the future, in addition to putting some other additions in his contract, if he scores 20 goals so that the club gets another 100 thousand euros, and there are still ongoing discussions between the two clubs.

According to sources inside Zamalek, the French club promised to make a new offer, in the coming hours, in light of the officials’ commitment to contracting with Mustafa Mohamed, who is considered one of the most prominent young talents in Egyptian football, and he will participate with the Egyptian Olympic team in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

The sources confirmed that the Zamalek management will agree to sell Mustafa Mohamed, if a good financial offer is received, in light of the club’s need for funds, during the current period, in order to pay the players’ salaries and the dues of the technical staff.

Mustafa Mohamed adhered to leave Zamalek club during the current winter transfers, rejecting all the attempts made by the members of the Football Committee to persuade him to remain within the team, until the end of the current season, as he fears losing his dream of European professionalism.

On the other hand, Tunisian Ferjani Sassi left Cairo today to return to his country, in order to visit his family and decide his future, whether by renewing his contract or accepting one of the Gulf offers presented to him, in order to include him, especially that he is entitled to sign for any club during the current period after it failed All renewal negotiations with him so far.

Ferjani traveled to Tunisia, in order to consult with his agent, Muhannad Aoun, where he will inform his official decision to manage Zamalek Club, in the coming days, amid new attempts, in order to persuade him to accept the financial offer presented to him for renewal.

Ferjani is expected to return to Cairo next Friday from his country, and he will be outside the accounts of the team’s technical staff in the Al-Jaysh vanguard meeting in the Egyptian League, where his travel decision was with the approval of Ayman Yunus, head of the club’s football committee, who gave him his passport, despite the decision to renew the contract, and he refused Jaime Pacheco, travel coach.

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