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Pacheco demands Zamalek management to deport five of the team’s players in the transfer window

The Portuguese coach, Jamie Pacheco, coach of the Egyptian Zamalek team, asked his club management to quickly loan and sell some players during the current winter transfer period, in light of the lack of need for their efforts during the next stage, and the coach’s desire to give players the opportunity to participate in matches.

Among the most prominent names that Pacheco asked for their exit from Zamalek’s list were Mustafa Mohamed, Moroccan Mohamed Onajem, Mohamed Abdel Salam, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, and Karim Ahmed “Bambo”.

The quintet kept away from participating in matches during the last period, in light of their decline in their level, and Jaime Pacheco’s lack of conviction in their presence in the ranks of the White Castle.

The meeting of the Football Committee in Zamalek, with Pacheco, witnessed sharp differences about the departure of some players, in light of the continuation of the local season, and the association of the white team with many matches locally and continually.

Zamalek officials refuse to dispense with some players, especially Moroccan Onajem, who is considered a good substitute in the front line, and the same is true for defender Mohamed Abdel Salam, in light of a shortage in the backline.

Ayman Younis, head of the football committee in Zamalek, is not averse to loaning some players, especially Karim Bambo and Mahmoud Abdelaziz, in light of their long-absence from matches.

Meanwhile, Mustafa Muhammad al-Jinnah, the distinguished wing, wants to go through a short experience on loan, in order to regain his level, after a long absence due to the injuries he suffered, in his football career during the past two years.

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