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CAF announces the names of the candidates for its presidency

The Governance Committee of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) met in Cairo on January 5 and 6, 2021, at the invitation of its president, Michel Kizito Brizua B., to conduct eligibility checks for candidates for the positions of president and members of the Executive Committee.

The African Union revealed that there are only 5 candidates for the presidency of “CAF”, and four of them agreed to run in the elections, in addition to 16 candidates for the position of members of the CAF Executive Committee.

Four candidates for the Presidency of the Confederation of African Football (CAF):

– Augustine Emmanuel Senghor, “Senegal”, lawyer, 55 years old, president of the Senegalese Football Association since August 2009, and member of the CAF Executive Committee since February 2018.

Jacques Bernard Daniel Anoma “Cote d’Ivoire”, 69 years old, financial executive and former member of the FIFA Executive Committee, former president of the Ivorian Football Association and Honorary President of the Ivorian Football Association.

Ahmed Ahmed, but his candidacy was rejected due to the cases he was convicted of.

Ahmed Yahya “Mauritania”, 44 years old, businessman, president of the Mauritanian Football Association and member of the Executive Committee.

– Patrice Tluban Mozebi (South Africa), 58 years old, businessman, president of Mamelodi Sundowns FC.


** Names of the candidates for the Executive Committee seats in the African Union:

Wadih Al-Jara`, “Tunisia”

Mustafa Eshola Raji, “Liberia”

Gabriela Hema Hamidou, “Niger”

Edwin Simeon – Okraku, Ghana

Edom Jibrin, “Chad”

Suleiman Waberi, “Djibouti”

Isaias Gera, “Ethiopia”

Faysal Ismail, “Mozambique”

Elvis Raja Shetty (Seychelles)

MacLean Cortez Leachwithi, “Botswana”

Churches of Ibrahim «Comoros»

Patricia Ragiriarison, “Madagascar”

Lawson Hogban – Latrei – Katie Edson (Togo)

Mamadou Antonio Soare, “Guinea”

Seydou Mbombo Nguya “Cameroon”

Arthur de Almeida e Silva “Angola”

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